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  1. Hey, I’ll be there too! Arriving the 5th, leaving the 11th. I’ll also be presenting on the 10th! Maybe we’ll be able to meet up. :)

    • Hi Alyssa! I will be arriving tomorrow, the 5th, and leaving the morning of the 9th. I didn’t realize there were presentations on the 10th. In that case it looks like I’ll miss your presentation but good luck! What are you speaking on? I would be happy to make your acquaintance! Feel free to email me at xdhaas@yahoo.com if you’d like.

  2. so interesting to hear that there was a panel on Women in Wildlife! Yeah! Back in the 1970’s when I wanted to become a wildlife researcher, my mom looked at me like I was crazy, and said, “You’re going to be a nurse, a secretary, or a teacher, choose one.” …. So verrry glad the industry is opening up to the fact that women have just as much potential as males out there! Way to go, girls! :)

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